To curb the spread of COVID-19, Capital Arts will close the gallery effective tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18.

We will reevaluate the current state and hope to open our doors by Wednesday, April 1st. We hope this precautionary measure helps protect our community, volunteers and members that we so value.

More communication to come on our exhibition and event schedules.

Capital Arts
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Wednesday - Friday 11pm-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
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In case you are wondering what we do at Capital Arts, here is a brief overview.

Capital Arts Gallery now hosts nine exhibitions annually filling the Gallery with a variety of art each time. Since January 2009, Capital Arts has exhibited hundreds of Artists and displayed thousands of pieces of art. Non-profits are allowed to exhibit “art” at a discounted cost.

The Gallery also organizes and promotes a city wide annual Gallery Crawl. This event is free and open to the public. Participants are encouraged to visit each Gallery, meet the artists and enjoy an evening of art. In addition to this the gallery has helped sponsor and promote Arts Stroll, a new downtown event that occurs 5-6 times a year in which artists of all fields come together and display and celebrate what Jefferson City has to offer in a free-to-the-public event.

It is our goal to serve our community with artistic opportunities and one way we do that is by offering ongoing Studio Workshops. Classes from painting to book making are available at an affordable cost. Scholarships are available at times for populations that are unable to afford classes.

Capital Arts also values children’s education and another way we reach out is through our Art in a Suitcase program. Over 45 dedicated volunteers, with custom made suitcases, present the Masters and their art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to each 4th grader in our community throughout year! This program has also benefited other programs such as Learning in Retirement and homeschooled groups.

Another Arts Education opportunity is the Capital Arts Imagination Station, designated for moms and their kids to drop in and create art! Imagination Station is equipped with recycled materials and art supplies ready for their imagination!

Capital Arts also continues to coordinate the Capital Jazzfest & Street Art Fair which is held in September in Downtown Jefferson City. This year there were over 150 artists, from groups of elementary students to professional artists, creating masterpieces in chalk.

Beyond stimulating minds Capital Arts also looks for opportunities to invest in the community as well. For example the biennial exhibition Art By Women, For Women, About Women, which explores what women in Missouri are making and how women are identifying themselves, featured two organizations. These two organizations both spoke at the artist reception. This included an 8th & 9th grade Girl Scout Troop exhibiting work about creativity and leadership and the branch director of the HALO organization will be displaying work from the organization and her own work as she discusses how art can empower women.

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